Exploring South Korea: Nami Island

If you are a fan of K-drama, specifically, Winter Sonata, then you are most likely familiar with Namiseom Island, also referred to as Nami Island or Naminara in South Korea.

Nami Island is a man-made island located in Gangwon-do, roughly an hour from Insadong-gil. We bought package tickets which includes direct shuttle bus, ferry and island entrance, from the Nami Island Seoul Center in Insadong one day before our planned trip. The tickets cost about 23,000 won per person. You can check the Nami Island website for more information.

After the hour long bus ride which dropped us off at the Nami Ferry Wharf, we queued to take the ferry to Nami island. The island cannot be reached by car, hence, you have to take the ferry or another option is to zip-wire.

The Brother at the Ferry Wharf

As a popular destination not only among tourists but among locals as well, the ferry and the island itself was quite packed even though we were there on a Tuesday. The island is very walkable especially when the weather is pleasant but there are bicycles available for rent. There are various restaurants in the island and you can stay overnight in the hotels as well.

You can rent bicycles to tour around the island

Winter Sonata, a popular Korean drama series released in 2002 was filmed here. Because of this, you can see a lot of snow figures like below all around the island.

And of course, we cannot miss the famous Winter Sonata statue.

The famous Winter Sonata statue

Nami Island also focuses on Arts and Music, which is exhibited by quite a number of centers in the area. In here you can find the Picture Book Gallery, Nami Island Handicraft Studio, Yu Qing Cheng’s happy Garden Sculpture Gallery, the Song Museum and the Liuseum (The Liu Collection of World Musical Instruments), among others.

Probably the most popular photo spot in the island is the Metasequoia Lane, which is stunning whichever season of the year. This is one of the main highlights that called me to visit Nami Island.

Metasequoia Lane

Aside from the hundreds of photo spots, there are numerous me-time spots in the area ideal for when you are soul-searching or just wanting to be alone. Although there are many tourists in the island, they generally assemble on the more popular areas but there are a lot of places in the small island to explore!

Thinking by the waters
You can read while resting on this nook, but somebody is not very happy about it…

So that’s it for Nami Island. In my next post, I will show you around Petite France, also in South Korea.



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