Weekend in Bangkok

What can you do in Bangkok in 2 days? Read on below to see our whirlwind adventure in Bangkok, Thailand.

We booked a Jetstar flight from Singapore to Bangkok scheduled to depart Changi Airport on the afternoon of a Friday and our returning flight was on Sunday afternoon. Due to unforeseen and unexplained circumstances, our flight to Bangkok was delayed and eventually cancelled and we were only able to leave on early morning of Saturday. Leaving us with only about one and a half days in Bangkok.

We arrived  Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) at around 9am and took the train to the station nearest our hotel and hailed a cab from there. I was very amused with the MRT token. At first I thought you would need to insert it or drop it into a slot to use and we were joking that you only need to tap it like the usual MRT card. Much to my surprise, you indeed only need to tap it on the gate! You only need to drop it on the gate on your way out.

Thailand MRT token from airport to city

Without much time left to explore, we just kept our bags in our hotel at Khao San Road – Khao San Palace Hotel and we immediately left to eat lunch.

Our first stop was Chatuchak Weekend Market located in Kamphaeng Phet 2 Road, Chatuchak. From Khao San we took a cab straight to the market. The market is very big you need a map for it. There are tons of things to purchase from there from clothing to books to accessories to pets! I went there with nothing and left with a trolley full of goods! It is best to wear comfortable clothes and walking shoes and always be mindful of your valuables.  Although the market is open until 6pm (until 12 midnight on Fridays), we left earlier as we made a reservation for a dinner cruise.

We almost did not make it in time for the dinner cruise! We asked the hotel staff to write the address of the cruise boarding point in Thai and gave it to the cab driver but we still ended up somewhere else. It was only when we showed him photo of the cruise liner and after some confusing sign languages and demonstration that he realized where we wanted to go.

The interior of the cruise liner was not bad but I think it was a bit too dim for me. The buffet, on the other hand, was impressive! There is a good variety of appetizer, main dish, and dessert. During dinner, there was also a presentation of one of their local dances.

After eating, we went around the cruise liner. On the top deck there was a live band performing some 90’s hit songs.  Throughout the cruise, you can see famous landmarks and tourist spots but to be honest we did not really care as we were more focused with our dinner. After a half day exploring Chatuchak, we were just starving.

Taken from the Grand Pearl cruise liner


Day 2

On our second day we went to Wat Pho, the very famous Temple of the Reclining Buddha. The reclining Buddha is housed in a rectangular building which may seem a bit cramped especially if there are a lot of tourists. Luckily, we were there early so there is not much people yet.

Front View of The Reclining Buddha

Inside the compound, there are a lot more interesting structures as you can see below:

After around 1.5 hours of touring Wat Pho, we proceeded to The Grand Palace. It was around noon when we reached the Grand Palace and although the ticket queue was long, it was still bearable despite the midday heat. Luckily we were dressed appropriately, otherwise we would have to go through another queue to rent proper clothing. The Grand Palace is the ceremonial residence of the Thai monarchy. Wat Phra Kaew or the Temple of the Emerald Buddha can also be found in the palace complex. Below are the photos we took at The Grand Palace.

The Grand Palace was our last stop for this Bangkok trip because we had to catch our flight back to Singapore. This was a very short trip but not bad at all. You can see my itinerary here.


Some photos are courtesy of my friend Alexandra Mae 😘




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